Changes V1.0

Changes V1.0

Here are the changes since Version 0.106.1. It is a commented copy of the Changelog file that comes with the distribution.

Version 1.0 beta 1

Fixed a buffer overflow with long service/metric names (FG)

Thanks to Jamie Garcia

Fixed some sorting issues in PHP UI (FG)

Default sorting for "View and Graph Binary Data" and "View Raw Plugin Data". Also fixed a bug where sorting did not work at all.

Fixed Memory leak with long metric labels (Need rewrite log parser?) (FG)

Thanks Christian Viesser pointing me to that. I think the parser has to be rewritten to meet nagios 3 specs.

Perfparse daemon deletes now old data (FG)

No more need for cronjobs. Perfparsed does it all.

More works in the PHP interface (FG)

The new PHP interface shall be complete before V1.0 release. See Webinterface Templates for documentation how to customize the webinterface.

Added version information to storage API (module) (FG)

This prevents perfparse from loading old modules from older versions with old storage api definitions.

Added advanced error log facilities. (FG)

See ErrorLogLevel Parameter.

Added possibilities for cgi to read stored graph data from DB (FG)

Fixed bug where part of the grid is painted on the border. (FG)

Corrected bug where perfparsed does not close the client socket. Thanks to Tamas Erdei for the patch. (FG)

Add French translation (Cedric Temple)

Correct creation of table perfdata_delete_policy (MySQL) (Cedric Temple)

Correct bug in page "all_bin" when selected one graph (Cedric Temple)

Redesigned delete policies (FG)

How policies work is now a little different. Policies can have comments now.

Changed database schema. Normalized some tables (FG)

This forced a major rewrite of many parts of perfparse. The database schema is now better normalized and should be faster too. The storage requirements are lower. See doc/database/ in the perfparse distribution for schema changes.

Added option to set port and/or socket for database connection (FG)

Before it was mandatory to run mysql at Port 3306.

Fixed bug where parsing was dependent on LC_NUMERIC (Thanks to Christophe Borivant) (FG)

If your locale settings was not C, in some cases the performance data were not parsed correctly.

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