At the moment nobody is working on perfparse. If you want to revive or take over the project, contact me: flo at redflo.de

Old information below:

The upcoming version will do a jump in version numbering. People are not happy when they see numbers like 0.XXX. Next version will be 1.0. I will eventually release some betas or release candidates before.

The major work is done in creating a new web interface based on php and a rework of the database scheme.

New php interface

The motivation for this change was to make the web interface more flexible. It should be easier to create customized web interfaces now. I will write a chapter for this in the Documentation. The php interface uses SmartyQuestion as template engine. This makes it easy for Web designers without php knowledge to customize the look and feel of the web interface.

Rework of Database Schema

The motivation was to enhance speed and reduce database size. I simply normalized the scheme. Check the doc/database directory in the CVS-snapshot source tree to see what has changed. I started writing a database conversion program, but decided not to offer this. Most people will start a new database and keep some old reports i think.

Other things

Many small bugs are fixed, the configure script should now give better hints, and many half done features are to be finished for the next version...


Hard to say. Other work reduces my free time. I hope to get a new version out before October 2008.

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Changes V1.0
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