Lines from input that were dropped due to parse or other problems are logged in the drop file. You can use this file to retry to insert the lines or analyze problems in your nagios plugins.
Note, that if the option Drop_File_Rotate is set, a date string is added to the filename.

Config file options


Command line options


Default Value

Depends on compile prefix. If prefix is /usr/local/nagios, then the default value is:



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redflo, 14:25 UTC, Sun 10 of Apr, 2005: No, lneuxyuhje, this shall write to a pipe not to a file and so ">" is o.k.
lneuxyuhje, 15:14 UTC, Thu 07 of Apr, 2005: is ">" meant to be ">>" in /usr/local/perfparse/bin/perfparse_nagios_pipe_command.pl ?
redflo, 08:35 UTC, Tue 05 of Apr, 2005: fhdplbvjipsld, it works now. Permissions were wrong.
fhdplbvjipsld, 14:42 UTC, Wed 30 of Mar, 2005: How to post to Forums->Help?
benclewett, 09:27 UTC, Thu 03 of Feb, 2005: Hi Jon! I hope you like our wiki site.