Webinterface Templates

Webinterface Templates

One intention to use PHP rather than the native C cgis was to enable users of perfparse to create custom templates. Almost all you need is HTML knowledge or a HTML editor. We use the smartyQuestion template engine to feed the HTML to the php processor. Below are some Instructions:

Create a new set of templates

On default Installations (compile prefix of perfparse is /usr/local/nagios) the default templates are located at


You should first create a directory that holds your new templates:

cd /usr/local/nagios/share/phpui/templates
mkdir mytemplates

This directory name is your "theme". Then copy all default templates to your new theme:

cp *.html mytemplates

Edit your new set of templates

Now you can cd to this directory and edit the files (Example):

cd mytemplates
vi mainmenu.tpl.html

You will notice that there are some special tags in the html files. These tags start with {something} and sometimes have a ending tag {/something}.
For the unexperienced user: Just leave them alone!
For the experienced user i will list some of the mostly used tags here - all other can be fond on the smartyQuestion website.
Due to the special tags the page will not look the same in a html editor as later when delivered by php.

Special Tags

Translate the string:

 Plugin disabled

Plugin tr cannot be executed.
something {/tr}

Output the content of a variable:

Loop through a array:
{foreach from=$array key=keyvar item=itemvar}

{if condition}

Activate the new set of templates

In your perfparse.cfg set the option:


this should match the created directory above.

Share your new set of templates

Even if you think it is not nice, many people will probably like your new design. Give something back to free software! Post it as a patch at sourceforge, send me a mail with a zip file or whatever. You'll find a way :-)

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