automatic reports with perfparse creates new Wiki pages. If you want to make normal named pages you have to use Braces

underlined text

title bar

Table test

monospaced text is made useing a space at the start of the line

italic text

external Link exampleQuestion

red text

centered text

text box

text box
can also consist
of multiple lines

bold text

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avail. plugins:

Example: Avatar plugin:

 Plugin disabled

Plugin avatar cannot be executed.

Example: Module plugin
Plugin execution pending approval

This plugin was recently added or modified. Until an editor of the site validates the parameters, execution will not be possible.

try as you want ...

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redflo, 14:25 UTC, Sun 10 of Apr, 2005: No, lneuxyuhje, this shall write to a pipe not to a file and so ">" is o.k.
lneuxyuhje, 15:14 UTC, Thu 07 of Apr, 2005: is ">" meant to be ">>" in /usr/local/perfparse/bin/perfparse_nagios_pipe_command.pl ?
redflo, 08:35 UTC, Tue 05 of Apr, 2005: fhdplbvjipsld, it works now. Permissions were wrong.
fhdplbvjipsld, 14:42 UTC, Wed 30 of Mar, 2005: How to post to Forums->Help?
benclewett, 09:27 UTC, Thu 03 of Feb, 2005: Hi Jon! I hope you like our wiki site.