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Question: PerfParse causes high load on my server, what can I do about this?
Answer  If you want to lower the load, here are some tips:

* Use a MySQL server on a different box than the one that hosts Nagios.
* Upgrade the memory on your server.
* Set the 'Delete Policy' to 'Always' for any metrics you do not want to work with. They will then be ignored.

From version 0.102.1 there are multiple methods of importing data. Some of these alow late entry of data, say once a day. By trying different methods you may gain performance.
Question: There is a "perfparse_nagios_pipe_command.pl" in Chapter 5 Method 4 of the Installation Guide. How can I get this script?
Answer  Download perfparse and find it in the config/ directory.
Question: I am confused about the different methods "5.4. Periodic User Log Parse" and "5.5. Pipe to Perfparse". Aren't they the same?
Answer  No. 5.4. uses the command perfparse_nagios_command.pl to append data to a file and perfparse-log2mysql to read the data from that file.
5.5. uses perfparse_nagios_pipe_command.pl to write the data to a named pipe (Fifo pipe, read the manpage to mkfifo for more information) and then uses perfparsed to read the data of that pipe. You have to be sure that the ServiceLog config option starts with a | and that the service log is not a file but a pipe.


redflo, 14:25 UTC, Sun 10 of Apr, 2005: No, lneuxyuhje, this shall write to a pipe not to a file and so ">" is o.k.
lneuxyuhje, 15:14 UTC, Thu 07 of Apr, 2005: is ">" meant to be ">>" in /usr/local/perfparse/bin/perfparse_nagios_pipe_command.pl ?
redflo, 08:35 UTC, Tue 05 of Apr, 2005: fhdplbvjipsld, it works now. Permissions were wrong.
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